Monday, April 22, 2013 9:44:00 AM

For every person who has ever lamented that there weren’t enough affordable services for Autism treatment there is some very exciting news!  The Institute for Behavioral Training offers an array of Autism specific trainings that are accessible on line so the learner can chose their classroom and their class time.  The trainings are delivered by top experts in the field of Autism and each lesson is rated for it’s target market whether it is clinicians, teachers or parents, but for the first time learners are not bound by the ratings.  If a parent wants to do advanced trainings they can! 


Some of the topics covered include:

Research: Evidence-Based Techniques and Autism
Research: Therapies and Treatments Available to Students with Autism
Research: How Long will this ABA Program Last?
Treatment/Skills Acquisition: What to Expect the First Week of ABA Therapy
Treatment/Skills Acquisition: Preparing for People Coming Into My Home
Treatment/Skills Acquisition: Reinforcement- How Can I Help Make This More Fun for my Child?
Treatment/Skills Acquisition: How to Prompt My Child - Early Learners
Communication: How do I get my Child to Ask me for things?
Communication: When is it time to use visuals to help my child communicate?
Teaching Tools that Work at Home: Using Visual Schedules in the Home
Modifying the home for Success: Environmental Changes that Work in the Home
Preparing for School: What is a School Shadow?
Playdates: When will my Child be Ready for a Play Date?
Ethical Issues: Why Students with Autism May be Victims of Abuse and What You Should Know
Behavior Management: Why is my Child Doing That?
Preparing for Afterschool Activities and Camps: How to Choose the Right Afterschool Activities, Camps, and Hobbies for my Child
Preparing for the Holidays: Making Holiday Breaks a Success
Family Issues: Explaining Autism to my Other Children
Self Help Skills: Tiolet Training- Everything you Need to Know
Self Help Skills: Eating Issues- Is my Child Just a Picky Eater or is There an Issue?
Dealing with Rigidity/Inflexibilities: Success in New Places


The trainings range from $7.50 to $30 per topic, but for the month of April, to celebrate National Autism Awareness Month, all of the trainings are 50% off!!!  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Autism and the effective ways of teaching skills and decreasing challenging behaviors.  Buy them for yourself, for your babysitter, your in-laws and your child’s teacher!  What a great way to strengthen your team!  The sale is only for the month of April so act fast, visit www.ibehavioraltraining now!